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Carbonite Backup – New Exciting Changes !!!!

One of my Charleston computer clients David Rosenberg of Insphere Insurance Solutions received a letter from Carbonite notifying him that his Carbonite Pro account  is being retired and replaced by Carbonite Business.  I had to write up an explanation and recommendation to him on what to do.  Here is my advice:
Carbonite Home is $59/pc […]

November 6th, 2011|Business Productivity, Mac, Misc, Security, Software, Utility, Windows|

A marriage proposal or bring back Office 2003 menus again!

If you’ve been using Microsoft Office for a long time, you may find the newer versions of Office difficult.  In fact, we have numerous clients we provide computer support for in Charleston that ask us to make the newer versions of Microsoft Office look and feel like the old familiar […]

July 22nd, 2011|Business Productivity, Misc, Software, Utility, Windows|

Augmented Reality ….

Word Lens for Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch, etc.
I downloaded Word Lens the other week to show one of my Charleston clients who owns an import/export business.

My likes:  Word Lens augments reality in real-time; it provides Spanish to English and vice-versa for $4.99.  Useful for quick translations like menus, signs, and provides the gist of what a small […]

Several free ways to dramatically increase your wireless signal.

I’ve received numerous calls from folks living in condos in Charleston that call and want help improving their wireless reception.  Here are a few free ways you can dramatically improve the wireless reception in your home or office.

Point the antenna(s) of your device up to the ceiling.
Avoid placing your device between you and large […]

March 27th, 2011|Android, Business Productivity, Hardware, Mac, Software, Utility, Windows|

Free program that takes headaches out of large file copies …

I was helping a College of Charleston student downtown about two weeks ago with a computer repair.  Her laptop died and we we’re trying to relocate her documents off her failing hard-drive but kept running into disk copy issues; her drive was in rough shape.

To resolve this issue, I used Teracopy.

Teracopy is a free compact program that […]

February 12th, 2011|Misc, Software, Utility, Windows|

Free way of sharing One Keyboard & Mouse across multiple PCs.

Our family is friends with several merchants/artists who have both PC’s and Macs.  It’s inevitable that when we’re together socially, I’m asked for computer help or computer consulting and I get questions about security or how to best solve a business problem, etc.

One unique question I received was a from a designer who does […]

February 12th, 2011|Business Productivity, Linux, Mac, Software, Utility, Windows|