Several of my accounts have inquired about a good pocket camcorder for creating internet ready videos.  Others mentioned needing something easy for posting video on Facebook or website.

Cisco has recently made an announcement that they are saying RIP to the FLIP pocket camcorder line; this notice and the bad personal experiences I’ve had with the FLIP have lead me to recommend folks consider alternatives like the Kodak Playsport or Kodak Zi8 camcorders.  As of this writing, the Playsport runs around $109, the Zi8 runs about $118 on

I’ve never been a great fan of Kodak’s consumer line of products until now.  I’ve personally used both camcorders and have found both to be better in quality and durability than FLIP.

I would consider the Playsport instead of the Zi8 if you want a waterproof/rugged camcorder for the outdoors or if kids will be using it; however Playsport lacks the macro focus (for close-ups) and an external mic jack only available on the Zi8.  Either way, both camcorders garner good consumer feedback producing good computer ready videos at around $100.