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If you have a gmail account, logon to gmail, follow the directions below and then press the “Review Us” button at the bottom.  If not, click here to get a gmail account – it takes about a minute.

Here’s an example of a good review:

My name is John Smith and I work at MUSC in the Department of Anesthesia. I came in to see Delson Computer after my Dell wouldn’t start. Delson Computer fixed the problem fast, cheap and I really really liked the service I received. Delson Computer is great for computer help and I strongly recommend them to all my friends and colleagues at MUSC. Sincerely, John Smith, Charleston SC

Because it’s a substantiated review.

To make a substantiated review, please provide four (4) things:

1. Full name, what you do for a living and where?
John Smith Pathology Dept at MUSC, downtown Charleston.
If you own a business, your business name?
John Smith, Owner, John’s Pizza on James Island

2. What you liked.
Price, Speed, Fixed All My Problems, Quality, Caring, Communication, etc.

3. Would you refer Delson Computer to friends/family/co-workers?
Would refer to everyone!

4. CLOSE with your full name and where you live or work.
Sincerely, John Smith on James Island, SC.

Thank-you and we appreciate your patronage!!! Now you’re ready!

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