If you or someone you know owns a business listing on YELP, we encourage you to read on…..

For a very long while I have been reading crazy stories about YELP.  Businesses are deleting their accounts off YELP as soon as possible because of what appears to sound like an extortion racket.

The small business starts off with some reviews.  Over time more reviews come in.   Then one day they get notice from Yelp “offering” them to remove bad comments from their profile, most of those negative comments seem to be fake and just randomly pop up according to the small business owners.

The business owners refuse because they know they run a good businesses and their good reviews far outnumber the bad.   When the small business owners refuses Yelp’s offer (sometimes within hours) bad comments start mysteriously pouring in.

We encourage business owners to seriously consider this and use discretion especially in the wake of the court decision LEGALLY allowing Yelp to change business ratings.   We feel there are alternative methods of of generating reviews online these days small business owners should consider in addition to YELP.   Call us at 843-276-6551 for more detail.

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