One of my customers is Dr. William and Judy Grossman of Charleston Cardiology on Rutledge St in downtown Charleston.  Judy owns an HP laptop and her laptop’s power supply recently broke and had to be replaced.

Having an extra laptop power supply is important.  I especially recommend them to my local Charleston computer customers.

There are a few options if you’re considering an additional power-supply for your laptop:

If you’re running on a slim budget, you can try an inexpensive compatible power supply off the internet; my advice is don’t pay more than $30 including shipping; a majority are non-durable knock-offs that can sometimes have the problem of not providing enough power to sufficiently recharge the laptop while it’s in use; you’re stuck charging it for several hours turned off.

Another alternative is to buy a laptop power supply directly from the PC manufacturer which can be very very expensive.  I’ve seen these cost as much as $120 or more.

An alternative I prefer folks  consider is getting a good quality compatible universal laptop power supply which are up to 50% or more off manufacturer’s cost and are extensible; so they may be used in various other laptops at that home or at that business or can be used down the road in replacement laptops.  Be careful when you purchase these – some are not as good as others so be sure to read user reviews/ratings where you purchase them.

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