To clean your PC, first unplug the power and if you’re using a laptop, remove the battery and then hold down the power button for at least one minute to discharge any remaining electricity. If you own a desktop, open the case and using your hands, remove any dust or hair clumps and discard. Then using a compressed can of air blow off any dust on wires fans or other components so the dust escapes the case. You can wipe surfaces like fan blades, surfaces, etc with a moist clean cloth but don’t get anything noticeably wet and give it plenty of time to dry before plugging the computer back in. Also be certain the vents are free and clear of dust – this is paramount in keeping your PC cool which can help add life.

To clean desktop keyboards, turn them over and gently wrap on them so dust escapes onto a table that can then be wiped off. For laptop or desktop keyboards, gently blow compressed air to blast dust and debris from beneath the keys. Use a cloth moistened with a mild cleaning solution of alcohol and water mix to wipe the surface. Never try to remove keys from a keyboard, especially a laptop keyboard.

When cleaning screens, first wipe the screen gently with a clean, dry, soft clean cloth. Follow up with another cloth that can be SLIGHTLY dampened with a little bit of water preferably distilled water. Avoid glass cleaning solutions like Windex and anything containing alcohol. Distilled water is the safest liquid to use. If it isn’t strong enough, mix in a very small amount of white vinegar, apply the liquid to the cloth and NOT to the screen. Gently wipe the border, sides and back with this solution.

Last, using compressed air, clean out ALL PC vents of dust and debris. In the case of laptops, it’s sometimes necessary to use a tweezers to carefully remove debris.

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