Several Charleston Computer repair and support clients are asking us about the iPhone5.
Currently only the big 3, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T are on-board.  Virgin, Cricket, and T-Mobile are jockying working on or getting ready to offer iPhone5 plans that are reported to save consumers obscene amounts of money provided they purchase the iPhone5 at full price ( ~ $700) and want unlimited plans.  We’ve seen/held the iPhone5, here’s our input:

Better: 4GE LTE – up to 10x speed of 3G, 18% thinner, taller, better screen resolution.

Boring: Slightly faster processor, slightly better battery, camera and headphone/mic.

Worse: Siri’s “improvements” ??  New lightning 8-pin dock connector will require a special Lightning to 30-pin adapter ($29 US retail) to dock to old 30-pin dock in your house or car.  For those that operate in an 8-pin/30-pin environment, this will be a nuisance and in a few cases will require brand new docking equipment.