An acquaitance whom I run into regularly at Muddy Waters Coffee Shop in West Ashley asked me for some computer help the other day.  He was concerned about his laptop being stolen vis-a-vis the recent break-ins and crimes on James Island.  I told him various security measures including a free program he could try called Prey.  I told him it’s a little tricky getting setup, but there’s plenty of reference material on the internet regarding setup.  The next week I ran into him at the coffee shop and he was obviously very relieved and happy.  He said he’d referred me to several folks at his church over the weekend.

Prey is a free program that tracks a missing or stolen Android phone or laptop
; To get Prey running, you install the Prey agent on your PC or Android phone and when the time comes, you can remotely send a signal to it allowing you to geo-locate the device, trigger certain actions like taking photos of the bad-guys, etc.  Prey is free for anyone to use and as advertised, it just works.  Prey runs in Windows, Mac, Linux laptops and Android phones.  For geo-tracking Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc, check out my other article here.